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2017 Sermons

2016 Sermons

Fall Revival - Troy McGahan

Thursday Night - "But God"
Friday Night - "I.O.U."
Saturday Night - The Lord is Faithful

Oct 16 - The Fall of Man
Sept 18 - We are Debtors
Aug 14 - Just One Look
Aug 7 - God is Love

Spring Revival Sermons - Pastor Tom Ross

April 17 - The Prodigal Son
Feb 28 - Come and See - Notes
Feb 21 - Come and Rest - Notes
Jan 10 - Come With Us and Notes

2015 Sermons

Dec 13 - Wake Up --  Notes
Nov 29 - Real Religion --  Notes
Fall Revival Jeff Arthur - Six "Must Haves" for Winning                                         Souls
Fall Revival Jeff Arthur - Six Salvation Doctrines from the                                     Thief on the Cross
Fall Revival Jeff Arthur - Rich Man, Poor Man
Fall Revival Jeff Arthur - God's Benefit Package
Oct 11 - The Way of Cain --  Notes
Aug 9 - Let Us Stand - Bobby Smith
Aug 9 - Seek-Set-Sanctify - Bobby Smith
June 28 - No Excuse! --  Notes
June 14 - Our Caring Savior --  Notes
May 31 - Sitting by the Pool --  Notes

Clarence Grigsby - Spring Revival Messages

April 19 - The Lord's Face --  Notes
April 12 - I Love the Lord - Notes
April 5 - The Empty Tomb --  Notes

Seven Last Sayings of Christ on the Cross

Seven Sins that God Hates - Prov 6:16-19
(Thanks to my friend Jeff Arthur, Sr. for the idea for this series and some of the material. Bro. Jeff pastors the Elizabeth Baptist Church in Bancroft, WV and his sermons can be heard on Sermon Audio.)

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